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YT28 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Short Description:

The YT28 air-leg rock drill is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly rock drilling equipment. Compared with similar pneumatic products, the YT28 air-leg rock drill has the advantages of low failure rate, fast rock drilling speed, long service life of wearing parts, low noise, light weight and simple operation

Product Features:

1、The height of the machine is moderate and the range of the stroke is large, so it can drill the anchor holes which are perpendicular to the roof surface, which solves the problem that the anchor holes in the roadway are not perpendicular to the surface of the roof for a long time, which guarantees the quality and progress of the project, saves the construction cost and improves the efficiency.

2、Good comprehensive rock drilling performance, not only for medium hard rock drilling, but also for rock drilling with f≤6, which can be applied to both rock roadway and quasi roadway.

3、Simple structure and more durable, easy to maintain, lower maintenance cost

4、Flexible start, air and water linkage, air leg fast return, air pressure adjustment and other institutions.

5、The control handle is concentrated with the shank body, the mechanism is novel and convenient to operate with the muffler cover can effectively reduce the noise and change the direction of the row of visits at will to improve the site The operation conditions of the field

6、YT28 rock drill is suitable for wet rock drilling of medium hard or hard rock.

Application areas:

Mining, traffic, tunnels, water conservancy construction, quarries and other work

Technical parameters:

Product Model:


Net weight:


Total length:


Air consumption:


Impact frequency:


Drilling diameter:


Piston diameter:


Piston stroke:


Working air pressure:


Working water pressure:


Drilling depth:


The YT28 air-leg rock drill is truly innovative and remarkable equipment used to bore into rocks with compressed air propulsion of its bit surface contact area. Its outstanding features include high efficiency, low energy consumption rate and environmental-friendliness - qualities that make it highly sought-after by many users in today’s market sphere.

The pusher leg stabilizes and supports the drill which renders this pneumatic rock drill reliable with low failure rates compared to other tools in its category; hence it's considered highly durable too. The YT28 air-leg rock-drill delivers speedy drilling operations that reduce task completion times making it an excellent option for use in mining activities or quarrying tunnels where time management is paramount. Additionally, its wearing parts' long service life results in less frequent parts replacements or resulting maintenance actions becoming necessary; further enhancing productivity levels at workstations whilst noise levels stay reduced thus creating more comfortable working conditions; this lightweight electrical device remains very user-friendly.

Ease of use and maneuverability even in tight spaces are some of the dominant selling points one can expect from the YT28 air leg rock drill. This powerful yet affordable tool promises flawless reliability while delivering superior performance when drilling into various surfaces.

The impressive motor of this rock drill ensures unparalleled drilling power while its pusher leg provides stability during operation preventing any accidental tip overs resulting from shaking movement or violent vibration during usage.

Furthermore several high quality bits like taper button bits cross bits among other types are provided with this tool to offer user convenience & versatility through different operations.

Made from premium materials these tools ensure prolonged usage duration while providing exceptional performance levels consistently.

What also sets this product apart is its energy efficiency feature designed to conserve power consumption compared to traditional pneumatic drills. As a result it is an eco friendly option worth considering.

Say goodbye to conventional drilling solutions that pose a risk to the environment! With the YT28 air leg rock drill at your disposal- you'd never have to settle on compromising efficiency over eco friendliness again! This versatile tool caters excellently well in various industries such as construction, mining or even when excavating rocks!

And whats more? The lightweight design coupled with simple to use operation procedures make it extremely convenient even for first time users! With a proven track record of low failure rates fast rock drilling speed and remarkably long lasting wearing parts- the YT28 air leg rock drill is a staple tool among experts in various trades.

Not to mention its incredibly low noise levels during operations make it a subtle yet efficient partner in all drilling activities. Intrigued? Why not invest in the YT28 air leg rock drill today?

Experience both reliable and sustainable drilling in action!

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