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YT27 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Short Description:

The YT27 air-legged rock drill is a highly efficient lightweight rock drill suitable for downward or inclined drilling in medium-hard or hard (f=8 - 18) rock with a diameter of 34 - 45 mm and an effective drilling depth of up to 5 m.

Product Features:


1、The YT27 air leg rock drill has the features of strong function of blowing and cleaning the gun hole and high torque of turning to braze

2、In addition to the advantages of the YT27 air-legged rock drill, it also adopts the flange control valve to produce gas and other functions.

3、The YT27 air-legged rock drills are most suitable for rock drilling in large mines and roadway projects.

4、With air-water linkage, air-leg quick return, air pressure adjustment, and other mechanisms.

5、Control handles are concentrated around the handle, the mechanism is novel and easy to operate

6、The sound-deadening cover can effectively reduce noise and change the direction of exhaust at will, improving the working conditions on-site.

Application areas:

Railway, tunnel, highway, metallurgy, coal mine, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects.

Technical specifications:







Bit Head Size:


Air Consumption:

≤80 L/S

Percussive Frequency:

≥36.7 Hz

Impact Energy:

≥75.5 J

Boreholes Diameter:


Piston Diameter:


Piston Stroke:


Working Air Pressure:

0.63 Mpa

Working Water Pressure:

0.3 Mpa

Drilled Holes Depth:


When it comes to efficient drilling solutions for mining or construction sites - the YT27 Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill Pusher Leg Rock Drill stands out as an excellent choice.

Specifically designed for use in large mines and roadway projects - this rock drill has an impressive set of features guaranteed to enhance your productivity levels significantly.

One such feature is the ability to blow clean holes quickly ensuring accurate drilling every time. Moreover it has a high torque while braising offering reliability throughout your project completion.

Yet most importantly- its advanced flange control valve revolutionizes operating functions by introducing various gas functions aimed at making drilling easier and more intuitive than ever before.

In addition to this- thanks to versatile mechanisms coupled with rugged build quality such as air water linkage, leg quick return & adjustable air pressure adjustability- The YT27 proves itself highly adaptable even under tough conditions.

So if optimal precision results are what you need – look no further than this rock drill! When it comes to penetrating through hard compounds such as rock, finding a drill capable of producing dependable results is essential. The YT27 Air Leg Pneumatic Rock Drill Pusher Leg Rock Drill offers unbeatable reliability and consistency to handle even ferocious tasks with ease.

Its versatile design coupled with advanced features makes it an indispensable part of any construction or mining venture, enhancing productivity while making work easy.

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