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S82 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Scope of application:

Model S82 air-legged rock drills are heavy-duty air-legged rock drills with high efficiency and low consumption, which are especially suitable for use in the construction of railroads, highways, hydropower, etc. They are also a substitute product for metallurgy, coal and other mining roadway boring and various rock drilling operations.

S82 air-leg rock driller is suitable for drilling horizontal and inclined holes in soft to hard rocks, the diameter of the gun hole is generally φ34-45mm, and the effective and economic drilling depth is 5m, and it can be equipped with FT160A air-leg, FT160C long air-leg and FT160B air-leg according to the size of the roadway section and the operating conditions, and it can also be equipped with drilling car or drilling frame for dry and wet rock drilling





Cylinder diameter(mm)


Piston stroke(mm)


Working air pressure


Impact energy(J)




Air consumption(L/S)




Percussive frequency(Hz)








Use water pressure(Mpa)


Boreholes diameter(mm)


Drilled holes depth(M)


Operating temperature(℃)


Bit head size(mm)


In search of a powerful reliable heavy duty drilling tool for your construction needs? Look no further than the S82 air legged rock drill – a pneumatic machine that boasts high efficiency and low consumption while making light work of even the toughest drills.

Versatility is one of its primary strengths with this heavy duty tool capable of drilling both horizontal and inclined holes in soft to hard rocks with diameters ranging from φ34 45mm.

Its an excellent alternative option used widely by metallurgy, coal mining and other various drilling operations in addition to being an ideal candidate for projects such as railroads, highways or hydropower facilities where efficient performance is essential. The pusher leg design adds more value to this tool by offering precise control over every hole drilled – providing users with peace of mind that their project will be completed on time without any hiccups. When it comes to finding top-quality equipment that promises excellent stability even in challenging drilling conditions while offering optimum operator comfort during use- look no further than the S82 air-leg rock drill! Its rugged construction coupled with durable components means that no matter how tough the task at hand may seem - this high-performance machine has got you covered for years of reliable service life! Plus, with exceptional features such as low air consumption levels accompanied by high-speed drills- there's nothing it can't handle adequately! Whether constructing roads or mining operations where rocky surfaces pose potential obstacles; you can count on this robust tool to complete any task both effectively & efficiently! Additionally - maintaining your S82 couldn't be easier due to simple upkeep requirements; so expect consistent performance every time! Altogether- The S82 air-leg rock drill is an incredibly versatile & heavy-duty tool perfect for use in various industries like construction or mining because its pusher leg design ensures top-grade stability & comfort.

Maximizing both its efficiency and low consumption rates- this rock drill will save you valuable time and money while delivering superior performance as promised. Invest in the S82 air-leg rock drill today and elevate your drilling to the next level of excellence. Don't hesitate, seize this opportunity now.

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